Saltarelle Cleggan Piano Accordion
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  • Saltarelle Cleggan Piano Accordion

New Saltarelle Cleggan Piano Accordion 72 bass 3 voice

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New Saltarelle Cleggan Piano Accordion 72 or 96 bass 3 voice


The Saltarelle Cleggan is the accordion of choice for Irish traditional and folk musicians or indeed with many other accordionists that favour a light responsive professional instrument but need a wider variety of tones.

Fitted with hand made reeds as standard, it is easily capable of meeting the highest demands of any musician and produces a powerful rich sound with minimal effort.

The additional low D key allows additional harmonics and D double stops at the lower end of the scale.

These can be ordered in the tuning of your choice and with either 72 or 96 bass. The most common choice has the 2 middle voices either Irish dry tuned or swing tuned if you prefer a sweeter sound.  A wider swing or tremolo tuning is also possible if desired.

These are recognised as a must have for top performers and top level competition

Range of sounds

  • 1 voice : concertina (single medium reed) 
  • 2 voices : double medium reeds.(dry, swing or musette, according to voicing)
  • 3 voices : double medium + single low octave basson reed. 
  • 2 voices : Bandoneon. (single medium + single low octave basson reed)
  • 1 voice : single low basson reed 

Complete with Saltarelle padded straps and case or gig bag. 

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New Cleggan Piano Accordion 35 key, 3 Voices and choice of 72 or 96 bass

Treble Keys: 35 Low D to E
Bass Keys: Choice of 72 or 96
Reed quality: Hand made A Mano
Treble Reeds: 3 LMM
Bass Reeds: 3
Treble Tuning: LMM or LMM (Irish dry tune or swing tuned)
Colour: Natural cherry wood casing with intricate fret worked grille
Key finish: Pearl
Couplers: 5
Bass couplers: 2
Fitted horse-shoe strap brackets
Padded leather bass end strap
Rotella for adjusting the bass end strap
Keyboard length (including cheeks): 38.5
Bellows width (front to back): 17.7
Width (bass to treble total width): 40
Weight: 8 kg
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