V3 UK Triangle Expander Sound Module


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New V3 UK Triangle from V3 Sound

All “V3 Sonority” piano & organ

All V3 Celtic Irish & Scottish sounds fiddle, harp, uilliean pipes, bag pipes, whistles 

100 accordions

4GB Memory capacity

Special sounds With grace note or ornament on every 8th note

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New V3 UK Triangle from V3 Sound

Memory capacity of 4GB

Basic GM bank has new upgraded sounds for GM with 4 other versions of standard bank 0.

V3 sound is known as an innovative sound design company striving to produce high quality sounds and also coming up with solutions to improve the liveness when using sound samples.

One such feature is that over 90% of the sounds contain repetition samples – which means that you get a different sample everytime you press the same note.

In fact, some speciality sounds have up to 8 samples with maybe a grace note or ornament featured on every 8th note.

Changes in volume, attack and tone are also featured in this repitition feature making V3 one of the most progressive sound designers in the market.

Note off samples are also available on certain sounds especially the accordions where key noise is also included.

Polyphony for this new generation has also increased to 256.

It is available as a standard GM module but with many years specialising in folk and niche sounds there are many add-ons available most notably the 100 accordions, 60 organs and Celtic sounds